I have so many draft blog posts. Seriously, my ADHD is so bad that I’ll start a post with great intentions and plans for the whole thing. But then my brain will just shut off. I’m starting this post off like this because the last real blog post I wrote was a year ago about last years meetup. Anyway, today was the second Motor City Mech Meetup. This time in a new location, actually in Detroit! It seemed like there were less people in attendance this year and I’m sure that had to do with the max capacity of the venue.

Despite feeling like there were less people, it did seem like more people brought keebs. There was a huge range of keyboards on display. From a funny haha logitech rubber dome keyboard, to a couple TGR x Linworks Dolices, Doli, Dolidoodles? I was finally able to see a TGR Jane in person. There were a bunch of cool prototype boards and home projects. As well as the whopping 7ft long “Long Boi”.

Things were a little different this year. There was no keyboard judging. So I shall forever remain “Mr. 3rd Best”. Take that nerds!

There was still a raffle which was cool. There were some artisans and artisan trays by Zouabi, a BUNCH of switches donated by dangkeebs, and I believe two vouchers for free deskpads from deskpads.gallery. There was also a full set of KDS Chainsaw with the novelties and artisans. I happened to win some Strawberry Milk Switches.

Having Switch Oddities there was cool too. Seeing how many switches they have is kind of insane. They were also selling some things too but I didn’t really see what was for sale.

A bunch of random MX style switches. Like, a bunch
Just a few of the switches that Switch Oddities brought

Seriously, there were so many switches

A couple of the boards I brought. A Vertex Angle with a mix of BoW and Dark RGB mods, and some cheap Owlab Spring clone I found on Aliexpress with PBT Taro keycaps
A couple of the boards I brought

Image courtesy of me :)

It was awesome to see old new friends again and see what everyone brought to show off. I love this community and the people involved. I want to thank everyone involved in putting this event together again. Even with all the little setbacks leading up to the meetup. It was a blast and I already can’t wait for next year. Just like last year I suggest you join (or share) the discord server if you are anywhere in the Metro Detroit area. I’m going to post some of my favorite boards below. You can view the full gallery here.

Weekin Y-40 keyboard
I'm a sucker for small through-hole builds

JackrabbitSlimm’s Weekin Y-40

Porbeagle prototype
This proto is beautiful and I'm really intrigued by the layout

HappyB0T’s Porbeagle Prototype

Matrix Corsa with pbtfans Pelican
I should have recorded a video of this Finding Nemo gif with pbtFans Pelican

shylocutus’ Matrix Lab Corsa

PAL Prototype by Banana Stand Works
This might be my actual endgame 60%. I love this board. I love the anno. I love the internals. I love the layout. I love everything about it.

dimsum’s Banana Stand Works/Protozoa PAL Prototype

Please check out the Interest Check for the PAL. I must have this board!