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Hi, I’m Chance, better known as trashcat, or just trash, on the interwebs. I am a Keyboard Nerd, Twitch streamer, record collector, husband, photographer, and skateboarder. This is where I write about things that I find important, educational, or just plain interesting.
A photo of my Mode Envoy with pbtFans Pelican

Spacebar Function and Arrow Keys

60% Keyboards were my gateway drug into custom keyboards. I loved the small form-factor. I loved the simplicity. I loved how easy it was to throw in into a bag and take it with me. The main problem I had when first switching to a 60% keyboard was getting used to using function layers. My first 60% keyboard was the POK3R by Vortex. This was around 2013 or 2014 so that was pretty much the only option at the time....

October 10, 2023 · updated October 17, 2023 · 5 min · Chance
MCMM Sign in a window

Motor City Mech Meetup 2023

I have so many draft blog posts. Seriously, my ADHD is so bad that I’ll start a post with great intentions and plans for the whole thing. But then my brain will just shut off. I’m starting this post off like this because the last real blog post I wrote was a year ago about last years meetup. Anyway, today was the second Motor City Mech Meetup. This time in a new location, actually in Detroit!...

October 7, 2023 · updated October 9, 2023 · 3 min · Chance
Dropbear60 Keyboard with GMK Serika 2

Photos: Dropbear60

Dropbear60 from mntkbd Sometime I just don’t feel like writing anything and just posting photos. Here is an example of that. Lol Size: 60% Case: Dropbear60 Switches: Akko Match Green Keycaps: GMK Serika 2

June 19, 2023 · updated June 2, 2024 · 1 min · Chance
Nixies photo from ThereminGoat

Thoughts: New Cherry Nixie

The “Nixie” Switch So one of the most popular “retro” switches I remember hearing about in the past was the Nixdorf, or “Nixie” switch. These switches were only produced for a short time in the 1980s and they used to sell for waaaaayyy too much on the second hand market. Apparently they were a really nice sounding, smooth feeling switch. I wonder if the smoothness came from years of use before the keyboard community got their hands on them....

May 9, 2023 · updated June 8, 2023 · 7 min · Chance
MCMM Flyer

Motor City Mech Meetup

​ So over the weekend was the Motor City Mech Meetup, a keyboard meetup graciously hosted by The Key Company. It was a pretty small meetup and (possibly) the first one to be hosted in Michigan but boy was it a blast. It was hosted in the TKC warehouse in Troy, Michigan which is only about 30 minutes from where I live so it was a no brainer to go. We were lucky enough to get a few “celebrities” of the keyboard world to come out for the meetup....

November 3, 2022 · updated June 2, 2024 · 3 min · Chance