The Holidays Are Coming

And with that, my free time is leaving. Which sucks. I’m working more, and when I’m not working I’m ether sleeping, or spending time with my family. Now, I’m not saying that spending time with family sucks. I love my family. I love spending time with them, but I’ll have less time to myself until the end of the year. And that means I’ll have less time to stream on Twitch. I like streaming on Twitch and I know I’ve been slacking lately. I want to get back into it and make it a more regular thing. I know that I say that a lot and then I just end up going back to not streaming.

Sorry, I’m getting distracted. This post is to say that I’ll probably be streaming a lot less until the New Year. With holidays coming up, and my crazy work schedule because of said hoildays, I’ll have less time to stream. But come the new year I’m going to try and be back full force. Hopefully I’ll see you all come the New Year. In the meantime, here’s a clip of me being called a cheater.